The 2nd Annual SMM Case Competition

The Society of Minority Managers would like to thank you for your interest in

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the 2nd Annual SMM Case Competition. Last year, our first case challenge was a great success. We partnered up with General Electric and provided one of the biggest case competitions in Krannert. This year, we are turning our attention to the underclassmen members of our organization. Are mission is to help develop the skills that aren’t always taught in the classroom. The competition will include 4-6 teams consisting of freshmen/sophomores which will take place on Thursday, March 28th. A schedule of events will be provided to the teams team the morning after the application deadline ends. If you have any immediate questions regarding the case competition that aren’t provided on this site, please contact Frank Pace at Application Directions: Each team member should determine a team captain. That team captain needs to fill out this application no later than Tuesday, March 19th at 11:59 p.m.

Prize Details
The total prize purse for this competition is $1,000. It will be broken down into the following according to placement. 1st Place: $500 2nd Place: $300 3rd Place: $200
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct During the SMM Case Competition professional behavior is expected of all participants. Each team is required to maintain the highest standards of integrity throughout the entire competition. Any violation of the competition guidelines or breaches of integrity will subject a team to immediate disqualification. In order to ensure a just competition, each team must be respectful of all other teams. Please do not discuss the content of the case with other teams in any way either before or during the competition. Please be gracious in your conduct throughout the duration of the competition.
Each team will present in front of a panel of approx. 3-5 judges. These judges will be grading the teams based on two main criteria. Case Analysis, and Delivery. More details will provided to the teams. Any questions on grading should be answered through the rubric that will be provided to all teams.
Business Case Analysis
Competing teams will be given at least one week to prepare an analysis and presentation of a complex business case. The business case will be emailed to team leaders on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013. All case analysis, writing, development, and presentation are to be done by members of the team. Only members of the team may present. Team members may use any reference sources and materials in the public domain (i.e., the university library). Use of unpublished papers and the like are strictly prohibited. This includes written sources, not people. No team member should gain information on the content of the presentations being made by other competing teams. No team member should contact any member of the judging panel, nor shall they contact the case writers. Each team will have fifteen (15) minutes to present the results of their analysis and recommendations; followed by five (5) minutes of questions by the competition judges. Teams should keep their presentations strictly within the fifteen (15) minute guideline, as there will be penalties for going over the allotted time. All team members must participate in the oral presentation. Dress code is business professional. Each presentation should begin with an introduction of each team member (name), their classification (e.g. Sophomore), and major. Teams are required to document all sources. Although this documentation need not be a part of your presentation, a list of the sources used should be included as an attachment (e.g. extra slides) to your presentation. Each team should be prepared to present their analysis using a computer and an LCD projector. NO OUTSIDE EQUIPMENT CAN BE USED OR ADDED TO THE RESOURCES PROVIDED. All presentations are required to be compatible with Windows XP. Each team should prepare five (5) hardcopies of their presentation for the judges. Teams must
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be prepared to submit a MS PowerPoint copy of their presentation via email to by Wednesday, March 27th, at 11:59 PM. The judging panel will evaluate teams based on content and presentation skills. Each team will be asked questions at the conclusion of their presentation by the judging panel. These questions will be based on the information presented by the team. There may be no right or wrong answers to the questions posed by the judging panel, however, part of the scoring will be based on the team’s ability to field the questions quickly. Teams will be judged on the viability of their strategy and logical flow of their overall presentation. Presentations will also be judged based on the team’s ability to analyze the information presented in the case, and clearly and effectively communicate a recommended course of action.

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SMM Case Competition Application


Helpful Tools
Please visit these websites, where you can find different tools to use in order to develop your recommendations. Mind Tools -Look under the toolkit tab, and look through the STRATEGY TOOLS section. This section will provide a lot of great information! Happy Manager -Read through the strategy, and decision making articles. These are some good theories and readings!